Bill requiring NMSU regents to have ag experience passes Senate

Bill requiring NMSU regents to have ag experience passes Senate


Bulletin Report

The New Mexico State Senate voted 30 -10 to require that one of the five New Mexico State University (NMSU) regents have a degree or at least experience in agriculture.

The bill requires that one of the five regents have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate in the fields of agriculture, agriculture systems management, animal science or a comparable discipline or at least four years of agricultural experience. It is sponsored by Sens. Cliff Pirtle (R-Roswell) and Pat Woods (R-Broadview).

“Ag industry is a huge industry in our state, it has a direct impact of $5 billion and an indirect impact of $10 billion. Ag needs a voice at New Mexico State University,” Pirtle said.  “Agriculture is a critical field of study for our state and for our nation.  NMSU regents need a hands on knowledge of this field of study to help education students this industry that is growing in New Mexico.”

“We want to ensure that agriculture is understood and appreciated by at least one of the five regents at New Mexico State University.  NMSU has its long history in agriculture when it was first  known as the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanics Arts after the Territorial Legislature established it in 1889. We want to make sure ag is alive and well at NMSU and that the ag industry continues to  grow in our state,” Woods said.


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