Gov. Martinez to sign capital outlay bill in Santa Teresa

Gov. Martinez to sign capital outlay bill in Santa Teresa


Gov. Susana Martinez is scheduled to sign the $295 million capital outlay bill and the announce new road funding for Santa Teresa, at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 17 in Santa Teresa.

The event will take place at TE Connectivity’s distribution center in the Santa Teresa Airport Park.

State lawmakers returned to Santa Fe Monday, June 8, for a four-hour special session to pass the bill and a package of tax incentives.

Months of negotiations between legislative leaders and Martinez made the quick special session possible, with passing a capital outlay package the main objective. The regular session failed to pass a capital outlay bill because of partisan fights between the Republican-led House and Democrat-led Senate.

The $295 million in capital projects passed in the special session includes a number of projects for southern New Mexico, including money help finish improvements to New Mexico State University’s Jett Hall. The bill also includes $500,000 to La Clinica de Familia for its move into the former City of Las Cruces office building to expand its health and dental services.

The special session also called for a package of tax breaks and funding for two state agencies facing shortfalls. Under the funding proposal, lawmakers set aside $112,000 for the costs of the special session, $300,000 for courts and $4 million for the Health Department.


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