Las Crucen announces candidacy for state Democratic party chair

Las Crucen announces candidacy for state Democratic party chair


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Rusty Pearce, Democratic Party of New Mexico chair candidate. Courtesy photo.
Rusty Pearce, Democratic Party of New Mexico chair candidate. Courtesy photo.

Las Crucen and self-described progressive Democrat Rusty Pearce, on Feb. 28, announced his candidacy for the chair of the state Democratic Party.

As per the state party’s rules of governance, current Chair Debra Haaland will be up for reelection later this year, having served since 2015.

“After careful consideration, I’ve decided to be the progressive change this party needs,” Pearce said in his written announcement of candidacy.

Pearce criticized the current party’s sources of funding, “it’s not from small contributions.”

“While I applaud the large donations that have funded the party in the past, our goal should be to broaden its portfolio through small donations,” he said.

Pearce said the party must engage in 21st technology.

“With my education in information technology, I believe I am uniquely qualified to mobilize the party using the tools afforded to us by the 21st Century,” he said.

Such mobilization is essential “to communicate and organize as eloguently and effectivel as we did during the primary season to adequately support the next Democratic governor,” Pearce said.

Pearce said he wants the DPNM to divest from big banks, as he has done. The party recently announced it had divested itself from Wells Fargo in response to that institution’s funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“This will enable us to simultaneously support our local banks and public lands by not being tied to oil and gas,” Pearce said.  “This will help sustain our future by supporting local renewable energy companies that create the jobs for our youth.”

DAPL and “support for our environment and indigenous peoples” are important issues to Pearce, who has “helped collect and distribute donation monies to the NO DAPL effort in North Dakota.  I’ve also built and donated a 25-foot yurt in support of the Standing Rock Sioux, and I have divested.”

Such efforts on behalf of minority groups will be meaningful “over the next four years.”

“Together we must demand equal pay for equal work, build bridges not walls, and resist deportation of families,” Pearce said. “We must protect the Affordable Care Act and act locally to guarantee health care as a right, not a privilege.”

Pearce said his Millennial status in society will benefit the party.

“By uniting the enthusiasm of the Millennials with the experience of the tenured, I believe we can revitalize the DPNM,” he said.

With a Millennial as chair of the DPNM, Pearce said, trust from and voter turnout of other Millennials throughout the state will increase because of better “transparency of the decision-making and voting process.”

Pearce said he also wants to better “transparency in ethics and blow the whistle where conflicts of interest are found,” “aggressively combat methane’s effect on climate change” through the creation of jobs in the renewable energy sector, stop “the contamination of our precious groundwater supplies caused by fracking.”

He would also encourage “every county in the state to elevate the public political consciousness by using a website and Facebook page,” he said.

As chair, he’d also focus on overturning Citizens United and reforming campaign finance reporting in the state.

“If we fail to elect a true progressive, I fear we will not adopt a progressive platform and will not win the governorship,” Pearce said, going on to say, “Don’t risk years of stagnation by electing a party elite focused on their political future.”

Pearce can be contacted directly at More information on his platforms can be found at


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