LCPS asks parents to send water bottles, towels with school students to...

LCPS asks parents to send water bottles, towels with school students to combat heat


Bulletin report

Las Cruces Public Schools is initiating precautionary measures to prepare for extreme heat this week. Weather reports have predicted that temperatures could rise to as high as 106-degrees, and temperatures could be even higher for students who ride a school bus to attend a variety of summer programs.

Interim Superintendent Steven Sanchez announced on Sunday, July 10, that students who are attending summer classes, Mondays through Thursdays, should bring a filled water bottle to school to keep hydrated throughout the day. This is particularly important for children with medical conditions or for students who ride a bus to go home.

“Traditionally, many school buses do not have air-conditioning and it’s possible that the outside temperature will be quite severe inside the bus,” Sanchez said. “Children who get on their bus will have their water bottle or they’ll be provided with one for the ride home.”

If parents do not want their child to ride the bus in the afternoon, they an pick them up at the end of the school day, Sanchez added. Parents should notify the school’s front office if they pick up their child instead of having them ride the bus at the 3:30 p.m. dismissal time.

Parents are also asked to send with their child a dry, kitchen-sized towel inside a baggie. y Peugh, director of LCPS health services. She also suggested that children wear light-colored clothing throughout the week.

Sanchez notified school principals with schools offering summer programs to have afternoon recess or outdoor activities moved indoors.
Officials said approximately 3,000 students, in grades kindergarten through third grade, are attending K-3 Plus and the Joint Ungraded Multiage Program (JUMP), at 24 elementary schools district-wide. There are also students with special needs enrolled in extended-year programs at Hermosa Heights Elementary and Valley View Elementary. Students who attend Arrowhead Park Early College High School are also attending summer classes.

“The hot temperatures are expected all week, so it’s important for parents to help us keep our students safe,” Peugh said. “We have nurses on hand who can also assist any child who gets too hot.”

For more information, parents can contact their child’s school principal or school nurse.


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