Letter from Councillor Pedroza: Won’t seek re-election

Letter from Councillor Pedroza: Won’t seek re-election


May 23, 2017
Dear Editor,

This is to inform you that as City Councilor for Las Cruces’ District 3, I, Olga Pedroza, have decided to not seek re-election in November. This was a difficult decision, but was made much easier by knowing the person who will run for the position, Gabe Vasquez.
I have been in this position since 2009, in other words, for two terms. During that time, I have concentrated on several issues: education, nutrition, economics and quality of life. I do not claim to have worked alone on these issues. I have had a lot of help from both individuals and groups. La Semilla is an organization that works with schools and others to bring the knowledge and joy of gardening to students and others.
With their help, school gardens were established in all the schools within District 3 and other districts. Nutrition was promoted by having both cooking classes as well as introduction to many vegetables taught to the students. The New Mexico Department of Health was also very involved and their work was invaluable. The City of Las Cruces, Parks and Recreation Department also greatly helped, dedicating gardens in various parks throughout the city to gardening.
Together, all of us were able to reach students, and their parents. Thank you to all.
Additionally, the City Council during my two terms addressed an issue important to my constituents, the condition and maintenance of the city’s streets. Again, thank you to all.
I am working with the League of Women voters in their youth engagement committee. Hopefully we will be able to reach the youth and help them understand the importance of engaging and voting.
I have brought several informational forums on the topic of immigration to the City of Las Cruces.
Finally, I take great pride in having participated in and voted for the citizen initiative to increase the minimum wage in Las Cruces. I believe it has helped many families and young people who generally start working and earn minimum wage. Hopefully, this will translate into a better quality of life.

Yours truly,

Olga Pedroza
District 3, City Councilor


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