Mesilla, Anthony, Sunland Park, Hatch elect officials

Mesilla, Anthony, Sunland Park, Hatch elect officials


Bulletin report

Lionel Frietze was re-elected on Tuesday as municipal judge in Mesilla, receiving 258 votes over Yolanda Lucero, who had 97. Trustee seats were filled by Jesus Caro (232 votes) and Carlos Arzabal (213 votes). Caro lost a close mayoral election in 2014 to Nora Barraza. He’s back in as a trustee, however, and is considering another run at the mayor’s position in two years.

Anthony elects new mayor, fills two trustee seats
The city of Anthony, on the Texas/New Mexico border, became an incorporated community by election in July of 2010. In its second election in 2012, Mayor Arnulfo Castañeda was voted in along with two trustee: James Scott and Pilar Madrid. Over the next four years, Castañeda continued to serve as mayor. But the citizens of Anthony spoke out in the election March 1 by ousting Castañeda and electing instead Diana Murrillo Trujillo, who has been a sitting trustee since 2010.

Murrillo Trujillo also beat out candidates Peggy Scott, Raymundo Aguirre and Juan Acevedo. Murillo Trujillo won the election based on a campaign to bring transparency to the city government, something that dogged Castañeda’s four years in office. She was propped up by support from judge candidate Nellie Soriano and current trustees Fernie Herrera and Daniel Barreras. As mayor, Murillo Trujillo promises to be available to Anthony residents and will move toward improving economic development in the city of just under 10,000 people. She was elected with 187 votes, edging out Jean Acevedo (150), Peggy Scott (147), Arnulfo Castañeda (93), and Raymundo Aguirre (22).

Two open trustee seats were filled by Herrera and Gloria Gameros. Soriano won the municipal judge race with 317 votes over Maria Carter with 217 and write-in candidate Jose Soriano, who received 19.

Sunland Park, Hatch election results
Sunland Park elected as mayor Javier Perea (510 votes) over Sergio Carillo (140 votes). Kenneth Giove won the two-year District 1 seat with 29 votes over Jesus Nunez with 23. The District 4 seat, a four-year-term, was iced by Carolina Renteria with 92 votes; Elizabeth Gamez scored 53 votes. Olga Arguelles won the four-year District 5 seat with 103 votes over Maria Isabel Santos with 36. The District 6 seat, a four-year-term, was won by Donald McBride (48 votes) over Fernando Clemente (11 votes).

In Hatch, Shirley L. Rice was elected Municipal Judge, while Noel E. McConnel won the two-year trustee seat. Four-year trustee seats were taken by G. Dennis Torres, Robert D. Martinez and James Lynn Whitlock.


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