Nearly 100 animals seized in hoarding investigation

Nearly 100 animals seized in hoarding investigation


The Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department has seized approximately 100 pigs, piglets, ducks, chickens, goats and dogs in an ongoing investigation of animal cruelty south of Las Cruces.

Several Doña Ana County Animal Control Officers assisted with executing a search warrant in the 1100 block of Carver Road Tuesday afternoon. After several hours spent on the property, eight goats were seized, along with nine dogs, two cats, 16 ducks, a chicken, a rooster and nearly 70 pigs and piglets.

While deputies, animal control officers and a livestock inspector gathered animals Tuesday, two sows began to give birth. At least three piglets died shortly after they were born.
At the time sheriff’s deputies took one of the ducks into custody, it had a broken leg and an injured wing. A goat reportedly could not stand and also appeared to be injured. All animals are being cared for by the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department and will be assessed by a veterinarian.

The animals’ owner reportedly leases the property where the animals were being kept and did not have the proper permits to have the number of animals that were found. In addition, the property does not meet necessary standards for livestock in Doña Ana County’s extra-territorial zone (ETZ). The county’s ordinance only allows for six domestic animals without a multiple-animal permit, which the owner did not have. Additionally, county ordinance stipulates each animal must have at least 1,000 square feet of open area, which was allegedly also not met.

The case is currently under investigation by the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department Animal Cruelty Task Force. Criminal charges are pending.


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