New faces step into county positions

New faces step into county positions


Scott Krahling is the new county clerk

Bulletin report

There’ll soon be a new look at 845 N. Motel Blvd.
The Doña Ana County Government Center will see three new faces on the county commission, a new person in the treasurer’s top chair as well as at the head of the county clerk’s office after the Tuesday, Nov. 8 election.
All the victors are Democrats.
So while Ramon Gonzalez won an unopposed election for the County Commission District 2 seat, Isabella Solis topped Republican William Webb to win the District 4 seat and John Vasquez snared the District 5 seat in a race against Kim Hakes.

County Clerk
Democrat Scott Krahling, a former county commissioner himself, defeated Maria Rodriguez to become the next county clerk, a step from his position as chief deputy clerk.

“I feel grateful to the people of Doña Ana County for their support,” said Krahling who is ready to “hit the ground running,” as the county clerk’s office prepares for the February 2017 Las Cruces Public Schools board of education election.

Krahling said he will continue to press for higher voter participation in all elections, including the upcoming school board election. “People ought to vote in every election,” he said.

Krahling said he won Tuesday night’s election because “people want a county clerk with experience and vision. I’ve proven myself willing and able to get the job done.”

County Commission
Vasquez defeated Hakes by about 1,000 votes.

“It’s time to go to work,” Vasquez said. “My goal is to take care of the constituents of District 5.”
One example of the work Vasquez wants to do on the commission: “Road conditions in Salem are horrible,” he said.
“These people shouldn’t have to live like that. They pay taxes like everyone else.”

Vasquez will be one of three new commissioners on the county commission, and said he hopes to “bring a new attitude and confidence to the commission.”

Eric Rodriguez, Doña Ana County chief deputy treasurer, will take over the top job after he beat challenger Republican Jill Johnson.

He will replace David Gutierrez, the current treasurer who faces criminal charges based on allegations that he sexually propositioned a female employee. Rodriguez was hired earlier this year, after the alleged criminal activity took place. He defeated Johnson, who also previously served as a chief deputy treasurer, by about 5,500 votes.

“I’m disappointed I didn’t win, but I don’t see many Republicans winning in the county,” Johnson said. “People seem to be voting along party lines, rather than for the individual person.”


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