NMSU students receive $1,000 awards

NMSU students receive $1,000 awards


Guerrero, left, and Lucero, right. Courtesy photo.
Guerrero, left, and Lucero, right. Courtesy photo.

Bulletin Report

Soroptimist International of Las Cruces presented the 2017Live Your Dream: Educational and Training Awards to Agni Guerrero and Marina Lucero on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017.

Both received awards of $1,000. Guerrero is a senior studying electrical engineering at NMSU. She aspires to a career in the power industry in which she can contribute to the environmental sustainability of power systems, and encourage minority students to enter the STEM fields.

She was born in El Paso, grew up in Juarez, and began her college career with a three-to-four hour commute to El Paso Community College that included walking across the international bridge and riding the bus. She took remedial math courses, improved her English language skills, and after completing core courses at EPCC, transferred to NMSU.

While maintaining better than a 3.0 grade point average in her engineering studies, Guerrero completed several internships with Dow Chemical Company, worked part-time, and supported her mother while she undertook the process of moving to the U.S. to become a permanent resident.

“The Live Your Dream Award will relieve financial pressure during my senior year, allow me to help my mother, and achieve my dream of becoming a power engineer,” Guerrero said.

Lucero is a junior studying chemical engineering at NMSU and hopes to work for a company in which she can grow professionally while contributing in a meaningful and positive way. A single mother, she balances her engineering studies, three part-time jobs, and caring for her two young children.

“One of my personal goals is to find ways to give back to my community by seeking methods in which I can guide or mentor young women in their pursuit of an engineering career as well as offering tutoring to other aspiring students while I am in college,” she said. “I believe it is important to give back because I have been fortunate to have guidance and the mentorship of some wonderful individuals, so I would like to do the same for other students.”

The Live Your Dream Award provides women who serve as the primary wage earners for their families with the financial resources to offset costs of attaining higher education or additional skills and training. The award can be used for tuition, books, childcare, carfare or any other education-related expense.

Guerrero will now advance to the Soroptimist Golden West Region level, where recipients can receive up to an additional $5,000. The program culminates nationally with three finalists receiving $10,000 awards.


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