Police warn of suspicious perfume sales

Police warn of suspicious perfume sales


Bulletin report

The Las Cruces Police Department wants to warn residents – particularly women – about a pair of suspicious men who claim to be soliciting perfume in commercial parking lots.

According to a complaint received by LCPD, two men have approached women at gas stations, and possibly in commercial parking lots, asking if they are interested in sampling and purchasing perfumes. When the women were given the opportunity to smell the perfume, they became dizzy and felt faint.

Police also learned that the men became disorderly with some residents who refused to sample or purchase the perfumes.

LCPD is not aware of any legitimate traveling salesmen who are soliciting perfume in this manner. LCPD is suspicious that the techniques displayed by these salesmen may be an attempt to solicit or otherwise harm the unsuspecting customers.

The men were described as African American and were seen in an older-model Charcoal gray car with Nevada plates.

Anyone with information on who these individuals may be, or where they may be, is asked to call police at 575-526-0795.


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