Presiding Municipal Judge Miller-Byrnes will not seek re-election

Presiding Municipal Judge Miller-Byrnes will not seek re-election



By Mike Cook
Las Cruces Bulletin

City of Las Cruces Presiding Municipal Judge Melissa Miller-Byrnes said she will not seek re-election in the November election after 16 years of service.

After serving 10 years as assistant city attorney, Miller-Byrnes was first elected presiding municipal judge in November 1999 in a four-candidate race in which she was the only female.

Miller-Byrnes was re-elected in 2003, defeating former Assistant City Attorney Richard Jacquez, who is now a Dona Ana County magistrate court judge; also re-elected in 2007, defeating retired Las Cruces Police Department Officer and current magistrate judge, Conrad Perea; and again re-elected in 2011, defeating former City Attorney Frank Chavez.

“My present term expires on November 16, 2015, according to my certificate of election,” said Miller-Byrnes. “On November 1, 2015, I plan to retire with the City of Las Cruces with almost 26 years of service. Therefore, I am not seeking re-election this fall.”


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