Spring forward

Spring forward


Spring forward

into the hottest home décor

As the days get longer and homeowners take to spring cleaning and redecorating, popular décor trends are springing up all over. In the kitchen, gray is the new white: shades of gray for cabinets are hot in culinary circles this year. Also making a splash is a new low-maintenance granite composite sink.

Interior designers are pushing healthy home décor that looks good, too. Exotic pink Himalayan salts are popping up in healthy houses this spring. Another big thing this year: religious iconography. Designers are filling homes with the comforting and beautiful symbols of the church.

Salts: Pink Himalayan salt, commonly used in cooking in place of other table salt, and in personal products such as bath salts, are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, 2200 E. Lohman. Himalayan salt is predominantly sodium chloride (95-98%), contaminated with 2–3% polyhalite and small amounts of ten other minerals. The pink color is due to the presence of iron oxide.

Angel art and crosses: Religious iconography is a popular trend in home décor for 2016, along with the color gray for kitchen cabinets. A metal angel and artistic crucifixes are on display at Kitchen Kraft and Lights of Las Cruces, 980 N. Telshor Blvd.

Salts: Pink Him Granite sink: Designers and homeowners are opting for a new granite composite sink that doesn’t scratch and is maintenance-free.

The hot-ticket sinks run in the upper middle range in price. A variety of styles and colors are on their way to Kitchen Kraft and Lights of Las Cruces, 980 N. Telshor Blvd.

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