Telshor corridor is the ‘center of the universe’

Telshor corridor is the ‘center of the universe’


Telshor corridor is the ‘center of the universe’

By Christophe Chino

Las Cruces Bulletin

For the past several years, the North Telshor Boulevard corridor has become a hotspot for business. The area has seen an increase in incoming businesses as well as increased success for those already there.

Brett Baker, the general manager of The Power Center, 2000 N. Telshor Blvd., calls the area the “center of the universe,” when it comes to business and community activity.

The Power Center, an equipment dealer, was formerly located at the intersection of Foster and Solano drives, closer to New Mexico State University’s campus. Since the relocation to Telshor, Baker said the store has seen a revenue increase of about 30 to 40 percent.

“Now even when we are closed, we will get window shoppers who stop by after a dinner at one of the many restaurants on Telshor or after shopping at another store,” Baker said. “We also get a lot of people who come in saying they saw the store from the interstate.”

Good location

From Lohman Avenue to Bataan Memorial, Telshor and all of the business located on it are in direct view from the I-25 interstate, something Baker defines as free advertisement. There is no need for expensive billboards when drivers can just see the business itself as they drive by.

The store has had four different locations, but Baker made it clear he intends on making this one the last.

Planet Fitness recently expanded its reach from one location in Las Cruces to two, the new location being just a few blocks down from The Power Center, and seems to be sharing the same economic fortune.

“We are doing really well,” said Luis Leyva, the gym’s general manager. “We are growing faster than any location in the Las Cruces-El Paso area.”

Leyva explained that the store, after just three months, has reached 85 percent of its target goal for membership; something that was foreseen to take at least nine months. The staff is also confident they will reach the complete goal in the next eight weeks, Leyva said.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, 200 N. Telshor Blvd., has also seen a heavy increase in foot traffic within the store in the past six months, according to the store’s manager, David Lucero. An increase, he says, that has been due to the increase of business activity in the area.

Along with the already flourishing businesses, several other corporations are looking to share in the success.

Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q first opened in San Antonio, Texas, in 1989, and now has numerous stores all over the Southwest including in Albuquerque and El Paso. The restaurant now hopes to come to Las Cruces, and has its eyes on the Telshor area as the new location’s home.

Sportman’s Warehouse, a sporting goods store based in Utah but with locations across the U.S, has a new location currently in construction on Telshor. According to a press release, the store is expected to open its doors this summer.

But with an increase in businesses in the area, traffic has become a growing issue.

For many businesses, customers and staff alike face difficulties pulling out of the parking lots on to the busy street with very minimal breaks between cars; which has led to vehicle accidents in the area as well.

“How long do you expect someone to wait before they try darting out in front of a car?” Baker said.

Willie Ramon, the administrator for Las Cruces’ street and traffic operations, says the city is aware of the increase of traffic in the area and is working on different ways to help ease the traffic woes.

The problem does not lie with the coordination of the various lights on Telshor, which are not coordinated with each other; the lights are too far apart from each other, with far too many businesses in between which disallows for coordination to make a substantial difference, he said.

“We identify the problem as the road intersections, not the light coordination,” Ramon said. “Intersections such as the Telshor and Spruce intersection are responsible for much of the traffic issues.”

Ramon said that this intersection is definitely “something on the radar” for the city to address; the intersection includes Telshor, Spruce Avenue, and Triviz Drive.

Each of these streets carry heavy traffic throughout the day, and the intersection bringing these streets together can become clogged very easily.

Ramon also emphasized that the city is aware of the boom of incoming businesses to the Telshor area and the increased traffic that will follow. The city will be taking a more localized look at each business when it comes to handling the traffic situation, such as placing right-turn only lanes coming out of the parking lots.

“We have been looking at incoming development applications for the area and continue to search for ways to help control the heavy traffic in that area,” Ramon said.

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‘How long do you expect someone to wait before they try darting out in front of a car?’


General manager of The Power Center


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