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Letters to the editor


Political Correctness Boulevard

To the editor:

The price tag [against] changing the name of Motel Boulevard to Pat Garrett Boulevard was well stated by city council, but the other reasons from Councilor Vasquez and Flores were racist and shameful.

Vasquez said frontier history was not preferred by him because it was written by Anglos. Flores said it is offensive to call it the Wild West [because] the white man came and made it important. But it was already important before white men arrived.

Our ancestors and Anglos have been here a long time and founded the Mesilla Valley, inter-married and made it prosper – long before and after Billy Bonney, Pat Garrett, the Fountains, the Luceros and Pancho Villa came and went.

These two councilors with this “political correctness” should apologize or resign. They do more harm by showing contempt toward Anglos.

I’m Hispanic, but if I’m an Anglo looking for a place to relocate, I would take a hard look at Las Cruces and wonder what country it’s in.

Armando Limon


Make it simple – and accurate

To the editor:

It seems to me all this to-do over the name of Motel Boulevard started when some of our wise politicians decided that the name didn’t fit or even represent the street in general. I will admit that the name may mislead the traveler on I-10 that this was the Boulevard of Motels, which it certainly is not. So, the county commissioners and city councilors spent time and energy, not to mention money, to do nothing.

The sad part of the deal is that this could have been done at very little cost and effort and we could have saved hours of wasted meeting time. 

Change the name to “1 Motel Boulevard.”

Stick number ones onto the existing signs, and it would fairly represent the boulevard. And if need be, just think how easy it would be to change to 2 Motels Boulevard.

Chuck Gaasland

Las Cruces

Wildlife Services uses strongarm tactics

To the editor:

Doña Ana County took a big step recently towards coexisting with wildlife by revising its annual contract with Wildlife Services for the first time in decades. Under pressure from the agency, however, the contract will be back on the Doña Ana County Commission's agenda Aug. 13.

The amendment in question introduced by Commissioner Manuel Sanchez requires the agency to attempt to resolve human-wildlife conflicts non-lethally before resorting to killing the animal. It is expected that an effort will be made at the commission meeting to strip out this amendment.

Wildlife Services has been using strong-arm tactics with New Mexico counties all month to maintain the status quo. The Grant County Commission voted recently to prohibit the agency from using traps and poisons but came under intense pressure from Wildlife Services and its allies and reversed that decision last week.

If any other company pulled stunts like this, it would be considered extortion. If Wildlife Services doesn’t like the Doña Ana County contract, our commission should look into other companies willing to provide human-wildlife conflict resolution on our terms.

Wildlife Services has faced backlash across the United States for the mass killing of native wildlife, largely to protect the interests of livestock operators. According to its own reports, Wildlife Services killed over 1.5 million native animals last year across the U.S. The agency has also been criticized for their use of M-44 cyanide bombs and cruel leghold traps on public lands.

Amanda Munro

Southwest Environmental Center

Las Cruces

A life for a life

To the editor:

We grieve with our neighbors in El Paso over the mass shooting at the Walmart near Cielo Vista
Mall. In the wake of this carnage, everyone wants to put a stop to these horrific massacres. How?

Desperate times require desperate measures. Businesses, malls, schools, stadiums and other public venues should continue developing better security against mass shooters. Essentials include check-in lobbies, metal detectors and armed security guards. Guards could be uniformed and plain-clothed, ideally with combat experience from police or military service.

Picture the typical, cold-blooded, mass shooter. He has the mental capacity to prepare for an attack and execute an attack. He should not be considered mentally incompetent.  
Crime scene and other evidence could be speedily collected for immediate trial and
conviction. As a shooter ignores his victims' pleas and appeals for mercy, the courts should
deny appeals for mercy. A mandatory death penalty for mass shooters should be executed immediately.

Perfect justice would execute a mass shooter by mass shooting. The number of firing squad
members could match the number of the shooter's victims. Because his victims had to look death in the eye, the shooter should be denied a blindfold. And because a shooter kills his victims in public, he should be executed in a public venue. Media coverage could make it a very effective deterrent.
What does God say? See Numbers 35:29-31 and Romans 13:1-4 in the Bible.

Mike Jackoboice
Las Cruces

Blame the president

To the editor:

"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

This is a quote from Solzhenitsyn that was in a book by Peter Matthiessen I was reading last night that struck a chord within me. It resonated as I saw the outcomes of two atrocious acts perpetrated on innocent people by hate-filled entities. We all take responsibility for these hate-filled acts by white supremacists. We continue to elect the kind of people who quiver at an insult by the president and do nothing to stop the hateful rhetoric. His base is white supremacists and some very ugly people. If we continue to do nothing but offer prayers, then we can expect more mass shootings. We have the world we asked for, folks. Maybe we can reclaim it, but it won't happen as long as we remain silent.

Barbara Villemez

Las Cruces

We’ve lost our moral compass

To the editor:

The FBI testified to Congress that they have thwarted over 100 terrorist plots [so far] this year. Is this the new normal?

Evil in the world exists no matter how much we choose to ignore it. Anytime two people or groups are at arms’ length to each other evil can easily enter the void. We need to learn how to communicate civilly so this plot to destroy our great nation does not expand and consume us all.

This is not at all about Trump, even though the media loves its villain. It is all about a nation that has been losing its moral compass for a long time.

Rob Wood

Las Cruces